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Play time!

 Tent time is pretty much just what is sounds like! It is a safe way for you and your suggie to interact and bond better. Most suggie owners buy a small pop up camping tent, or a child's pop up tent. If you have the room you can keep it up all the time. I take mine down every night since I don't have a lot of room in my house. Make sure your tent has a zippered door with some mesh windows for ventilation. Inside the tent you can add toys, vines, or suggie gyms. Ball pits are great as well. Find a large plastic jar (opening must be large enough for your suggie to get in and out) and add some plastic golf ball sized wiffle balls. I found them at WalMart with the golfing supplies.  If the tent has hooks inside, that is a great way to hang some toys, or ladders. If not, you can hang a piece or two of fleece to the tent wall for extra climbing options. My gliders tent is an Ozark Trail JR. The dimentions are 5'x6' and is about 3 ft high.  Make sure you use large safety pins along the seams of the tent, or else you will tear your tent. Put down a fleece blanket for your comfort and to keep the tent floor from rustling too loudly and scaring your suggie. If you can position your tent facing the TV then do so. Or bring a book. It will keep you occupied if your suggie is playing with the toys and not you.

It's safer to bring your suggie into the tent in a bonding pouch. Settle in, and zip it up once the toys and things are in place (you can keep all this in the tent even if you take it down every time) and let your suggie out. Most times, they come out immediately and begin to explore. Let them come out of the pouch on their own. Believe me, their curiousity will get the best of them!!  Once they feel comfortable, they will begin to jump around, jump on you, play with the toys, etc. Quincy & Renny spend more time on me than actually playing with the toys & Jay & Silent Bob are more content to hang out on the play gym. It's best to spend as much time as you can in the tent. It gets out a lot of their energy. I usually do tent time before I feed them. Once tent time is over, and they go back to their cages, I feed them.

Sometimes they aren't quite ready to end tent time when I am. This can become a hassle getting them back into their pouch so I can safely get them back to their cage. If this happens to you, you can try sneaking in some of your suggies favorite treats and lure them back into the bag with it. Zip it up once they are inside. Sometimes I have to "herd" them into the pouch with one of the pieces of fleece I keep in the tent. Try not to panic, become impatient, or make sudden grabs. I scooped up Quincy one night and he promply bit my finger!! Clearly he wasn't ready for me to end tent time. It's trial and error really. But it's worth it in the long run. Renny, Jay & Silent Bob are usually not as difficult when tent time is over. They will go right into their carrier so I can take them back to the cage.

Tent time is by far the most fun you can have with your suggie in a safe environment. It's great watching them and their curious nature. Once they start climbing all over you, down your shirt, playing with your's a fantastic feeling. And it makes the bond between you both stronger!!

Below is a few pictures of my gliders in the tent, having a good ol time!!











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