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My furry family

QUINCY:  Quincy was my first suggie. He is roughly 3 and a half yrs old. He is playful, sweet, and loves running full speed in his wheel.


LETHE & TIPPY: Lethe is a lion. You can see Lethe's LINEAGE. She has the cutest face and ears! The breeder was wonderful and you can tell by Lethe's attitude. She loves being in my bra and goes lots of places with me. Her parents names' are Hades & Persephone. So keeping the Greek mythology theme going, I named her after one of the rivers in the underworld, where Hades reigns. The river of forgetfulness. Her oop date is 4.22.09.

Tippy is a 33% leu het/mosaic/poss wf.You can see his LINEAGE. His mother is a mosaic and his father a black beauty. He is just too adorable for words! He came to me to be paired with Lethe so I am excited for her to finally have a cagemate! Their joeys will be gorgeous and I'm excited about the prospect of that. He has a gorgeous white tip on his tail.The breeder named him "Tipkins" so we've just been nicknaming him Tippy and I think its gonna stick! He was OOP 3.28.10

Here they are...together at last! They are such a cute couple aren't they??







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