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Bonding with your sugar glider(s) is, in my opinion, THE most important key in a happy healthy suggie baby. To your right, is Lethe, curled up in my shirt for the day! First you need to understand what your suggie is seeing and feeling the first time you have them home. You are nothing more than a big, loud, scary thing to them. So, its understandable that they are going to feel frightened. Once you have your suggie home, it's best to let them adjust to their new cage, and all the sounds, and smells that are there for a few days. One thing you can do is try and hand feed a small piece of apple or half a grape. If they take it, great! That's a big step! Keep offering them treats each time you open the cage door. That way they will begin to associate you with "good things". Another important tip is this...go at THEIR pace. Do not rush them, do not try and handle them so soon after you arrive home. You and your suggie are going to start to build trust between you. And it might take some time. Try and be patient during this time.  Take some small pieces of fleece and wear them in your shirt, or bra. Then take that fleece and add it to the sleeping & bonding pouches. Exchange them every few days with fresh ones. This will get your suggie used to your scent. That way, when you go into their cage, or pouch they will recognize your scent and will less apt to "crab" (more on that to follow) and/or bite. Remember...SLOWLY!! All suggies are different. Some take to their new family quickly, others...months sometimes. You can also let your suggies use their bonding pouch as a sleeping pouch, like I do for most of my suggies. It's easier to get them out of the cage without stressing them out. Get a bonding pouch with a zipper! This will keep your suggie safe inside the pouch. You don't want your suggie escaping and losing them or them getting harmed. Other pouches have a zipper AND a mesh window. This is good for ventilation and if your suggie wants to take a peek at what's going on...he may do so!

Once you feel your suggie is getting used to you, you can attempt "tent time". On this site I have a few tips I've used to make tent time a blast for both you and your suggie.

If I have forgotten any major tips on bonding..I apologize. I am going to try and update as best I can as time goes on. I'm still learning as I go as well! Any sites in the links section offer bonding tips as well. Like I wrote elsewhere...READ ALL YOU CAN!! You can never have too much information on suggies and their care and well being! Below is Quincy giving me his usual good morning hello!

What's that crazy sound??

Sugar gliders use vocalizations to alert other gliders of danger, to call out to one another, and to be comforted. Below is a few sounds I've heard my gliders make from time to time and what they generally can mean to you.

Crabbing: This is a sound you definatly hear from time to time. It is loud, and pretty scary sounding. To me it sounds like a new years eve party favor, one that you spin around? This generally means "You woke me up darn you!!" or "Back away from the suggie!!" or even "Leave me alone!". It's a defensive sound. Hard to believe this scary noise can come out of a sweet suggie! If you hear it, try NOT to respond to it by backing off. If that continues, your suggie will begin to learn that once they make that sound, you back off, which can prolong the bonding process. Usually Ill just stop moving and keep my hand where it is, until they settle down. And then I proceed.

Barking: This is a cute little noise a suggie will make when they are looking for you. It sort of sounds like a high pitched puppy bark. If you hear this from another room, that means your suggie is asking "Where are you!?!" Go to the cage, and talk to your suggie. Sometimes in the middle of the night you will hear this sound too. If you keep just one suggie, it's best to respond as soon as you can. If you have 2 or more, that's just them checking on one another.

Hissing: To be honest, I am not too sure what this sound means just yet. Quincy makes it a lot, whether I am holding him in the pouch or we are in tent time. Maybe its a content sort of sound, like a cat purring. And it sounds almost like a hiss/sneeze to me. Once I get a better definition of that sound, Ill update it here. Although Quincy used to hiss/crab sometimes at Jay & Silent Bob. He doesn't do it as much now that their cages are moved apart from one another now. *NOTE* If you do notice your suggie hissing loudly when urinating or defecating, a vet visit should follow asap. This COULD be a sign of kidney stones, bladder issues, infections, etc.  And you definatly need to check it out.

Chittering/chirping:  Now that Renny & Quincy are together, I hear this sound a lot. I've been told it's a content sound. It means they are happy. I don't hear the boys do this, just my "couple". Maybe its a boy/girl thing.




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