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Too many changes...good and bad

Posted by suggiewonderland on September 27, 2011 at 7:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Well, my life is now in a tail spin and I am hoping this bump in the road doesn't turn into a mountain. For the bad, me and my husband are separating. I'm not happy about this but he feels we need time apart to reflect on our married life and grow as individuals. Because of this, I am going to room with a co-worker which means I had to downsize my crew. Jay & Silent Bob are now in a new home and seem to be doing well. I miss them terribly and it killed me to re-home them. They are with good people who take good care of them. As a glider mommy that is all I can ask for. loving beautiful old lady, sadly passed away last week from old age. Quincy seems to be doing ok, but I can tell he sometimes looks for her. Not having Renny  and the boys here is devastating and I can't handle their absense some nights. I am still looking for a home for Lethe & Tippy's female wf joey...and it has to be soon as their 3rd joey just came OOP on 9.25.11 and is a solid white glider with grey splotches on the ears. I am pretty sure this would be a minimally marked mosaic, but I am not sure yet. I am so excited to see how this joey grows and what it looks like once it's eyes open. I'll have pics of that joey up soon.

Fion's new home!

Posted by suggiewonderland on June 27, 2011 at 8:22 AM Comments comments (0)

Fion went to her new forever home yesterday. She has a soon to be cagemate, so once her vet visit and quarantine is done, she will meet Ziggy, a male about her age. I felt good and comfortable with the girl who has her now. She has experience, done her research before getting her first glider and is currently feeding the BML diet. Once she told me Ziggy wasn't eating a lot of it, she went to CritterLove on my suggestion and ordered a sample pack of the HPW Plus! Since that is the diet Fion was weaned on, I think that the HPW will be a hit with her male! I can't wait to see them together and asked the girl to keep me updated when she could, with photos of course so I can see how happy Fion is. I'm sure she will change her name lol and that's fine....maybe I'll do a "customer brag page" so I can show off Fion and future joeys in their forever homes. I was a little sad to see Fion go, but she jumped right on her new mommy, only crabbed once (because we woke her up lol) and went right into the bonding pouch for her ride home. I'm sure after a few days of settling in, she will come around and give her new mommy all the love she has!

I'm still waiting to see Lethe and Tippy's new joey again. The joey was OOP Friday night, and weighed a small 10 grams which I was worried about, but the joey went right back to Lethe who promptly shoved her joey back into her pouch and has been there ever since. I am still keeping an eye out, giving Lethe her extra protein for milk production and hopefully when the joey comes back OOP, it will have gained another few grams.

Fion looking for a home and another joey!

Posted by suggiewonderland on June 21, 2011 at 10:21 PM Comments comments (0)

Fion is still on the lookout for her forever loving home. I guess with the economy being as messed up as it's been lately...I'm not surprised it's taking me this long to find her a home. She is being moved to her own cage next to Lethe and Tippy's cage as Lethe has another joey IP and she's getting bigger and has started singing again. I also do not want Tippy to start seeing his little girl as just another female, if you get my drift. As much as I don't want to separate her from her parents, it's time. All I need is another wheel, since Fion LOVES the wheel and will not get out of it, even when Lethe tries getting in it. Crabbing ensues as soon as Lethe goes for her turn in the wheel. I'm hoping that Fion will be ok being housed alone. With the cages right next to each other, at least she's near to her parents and can still smell them and see them....but it is for her safety that I have to move her. I don't know what Lethe is going to do or how she's going to react when her joey comes OOP with Fion nearby. They can be very over protective of their young and I dont want to take the chance on Lethe seeing Fion as a threat to her joey. So, the search continues for Fions forever home.

I got the gender wrong.....UGH

Posted by suggiewonderland on April 19, 2011 at 12:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Well, turns out....Finlay is a female. Not feeling too bright at the moment lol....I had her out and took some photos and turned her over and was like "uh....that's a pouch slit!" To be honest, I never really looked at the sex after she came oop....I believe it was the 2nd or 3rd day oop. So, Ive renamed her "Fion" which is gaelic for "fair" and as close to Finlay as I could get. But, regardless....I got it right now lol and she is still gorgeous and getting bigger!

Another Joey update

Posted by suggiewonderland on April 9, 2011 at 12:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Well, the little guy is doing good....Lethe and Tippy are taking very good care of him and he opened his eyes on 4.7.11! He's gaining weight, and actually crabbed at me a few times when I go and get him out to love on him and weigh him :D

I see no mosaic markings on him....he looks like a standard grey...more like his mom! He's beautiful in every way! For now I'm calling him Finlay, which is Gaelic for "fair warrior".  I have one person interested in him, but nothing set in stone yet....and until he gets a little older and I figure out what his description will be, I don't want to set a price too high or too low.  As of last night (4.8.11) his weight is 25.7 grams! I'll have some pictures posted soon I hope....he is one squirmy little guy LOL so for him to sit still right now isn't happening!

Joey oop and updates

Posted by suggiewonderland on April 1, 2011 at 11:09 AM Comments comments (0)

Lethe and Tippy's joey came OOP on 3.26.11. Needless to say I was and AM still worried and I've been keeping a close eye on him. So far, things look good. Lethe and Tippy are being attentive, spending lots of time in the cage pouch and Lethe is eating very well. I have noticed her drinking a LOT of water, so I'm assuming this is normal since she's nursing. She hasn't shown any signs of being dehydrated. The joey weighed 12.5 grams on the 27th and last night when I weighed him he was 16.8 grams. So, I am very happy he's gaining weight. I am still making a batch of joey formula every night when Im preparing the crew's dinner bowls, just in case. Lethe is getting extra protein as well, usually some scrambled eggs along with the HPW Plus.

My crew are doing real well on the HPW Plus and I've ordered more. The amount per glider is 1 TBSP as opposed to the 1.5 tsp per glider with the HPW using the Wombaroo brand of protein powder. Peggy told me I don't have to up the amount of powder to 1/2 cup with the HPW Plus when I make a batch. I've noticed a few things: Adding the Odwalla green juice to the HPW Plus seems to have an effect on the amount of fresh fruits my crew eat. They are eating LESS than normal but I'm not worried since the green juice is a whole lotta fruity LOL. There's also some "residue" left of HPW in the bowls but not so much that I'm concerned.  The majority of it is gone in the mornings. I'm probably going to make the next batch without the green juice since I like to give more variety and tastes for my crew and I'm curious to see whether they'll eat more fruit.

New diet out and new joey??

Posted by suggiewonderland on March 10, 2011 at 11:49 PM Comments comments (0)

     In the last 2 weeks or so, there's been a buzz in the glider community on a US made protein powder similar to the Wombaroo High Protein Supplement used with the HPW diet. I just got a sample of the HPW Plus and cannot wait to make this batch for my gliders. Peggy (Srlb) on the glider message boards is the one who used the Wombaroo powder and created the HPW diet and is the one who has worked so long and hard to get this "new" powder made and available to the glider folks. The HPW Plus is made like the previous diet (with the Wombaroo), you add the honey, water, eggs and bee pollen. The HPW Complete though, already has the honey, eggs (in powdered form) and the pollen in it, so all that's needed is water. I plan on getting some of this as well to keep on hand for emergencies. Hurricane season can be a PAIN and when Ike hit the Houston area a few years ago, we were left without power for a week. I had to feed my crew fruits like apples, pears, etc that didnt require them to be kept cool and various jars of baby food. Having something like the HPW Complete on hand if this ever happens again.....I'll feel a lot better knowing my crew will still be able to have their normal diet.

     And it looks like Lethe has another joey ip. Needless to say, after losing her first joey just days after being oop, this has me a little on edge. But, I have most of the supplies needed to make a joey formula with brand new feeding syringes! I am thinking that since Lethe and Tippy were actively caring for the joey and Lethe most likely not making enough milk for the joey...I'm just going to go ahead and supplement feed the joey. If she does nurse this time with no problems, great but it's always a good idea to keep emergency supplies on hand because you WILL need them at a moments notice. I plan on being way more attentive to Lethe and Tippy and checking on their joey more often.

Lost the joey

Posted by suggiewonderland on December 30, 2010 at 1:31 AM Comments comments (0)

I am so very very sad tonight. The little joey did not make it. I have no idea what happened or what went wrong. Either Lethe wasn't making enough milk or there was something wrong with the joey and the parents knew it.

This little joey gave me a few precious days of joy. If and when Lethe gets pregnant again, I am going to have to watch diligently to make sure everything is going ok, and have a joey rejection kit ready in case I have to supplement feed, if Lethe wasn't/isn't making enough milk.

From what I learned from the woman I got Lethe from, joeys go downhill fast and since the joey was already gone when I found her in the cage pouch, she seems to think that something wasn't right with the joey.

I'm almost afraid now of Lethe and Tippy having another joey....what if this happens again? What if I'm just destined to not have a breeding pair? I'll have to make the decision later if I have to neuter Tippy.....and that's only if this happens again. I would be very happy just having them as a pair, don't get me wrong. Lethe and Tippy are a joy to have in my life, along with my other 4.

I suppose if it isn't meant to be, I'll have to deal with that down the road.

Joey is officially oop!!

Posted by suggiewonderland on December 26, 2010 at 10:53 PM Comments comments (0)

Lethe's joey is officially oop tonight, December 26, 2010! Tomorrow I have to buy a digital scale so I can weigh the joey and find out the sex!!! Lethe is out and eating, Tippy in the pouch with the joey. I heard the joey make a cry...but with daddy in there as well, the joey will stay warm! I will also get some pictures tomorrow and post them! Im so excited and I cannot wait to see this joey grow up and find it a wonderful home!

Mom and Dad to be????

Posted by suggiewonderland on December 5, 2010 at 9:44 AM Comments comments (0)

Well I am OVER the moon right now.....I'm 99.9% sure Lethe and Tippy are expecting their first joey! I noticed maybe 2 weeks ago, Lethe looking a tad on the lopside next to her pouch slit. Being that this is a first for me (joeys), I didnt want to get my hopes up, so I researched more, asked the breeders of mommy and daddy to get advice, etc. Well, night before last...Lethe was on the cage bars wanting her pine nuts (she does this ALL the time when they wake up) and WOW....She has a bump! Maybe the size of a small grape. And I couldnt tell if Lethe was moving her back leg or it was her belly, but I SAW it move!

Lethe is being very active now....and clearly she runs that cage LOL. Not that she's a mean bossy lady, but she rules the roost! Tippy is very sweet and more of a hang back and watch kinda dude....Lethe is usually all over the place!

From my research and reading up on joeys, if I had to guess, Lethe is around 4-5 weeks along.  Now I might be off, like I said this is my first experience with joeys, but females will have joeys IP for roughly 72-73 I still have some serious waiting to do. In the meantime, I need to make sure she is getting the extra protein she needs for her milk production and hang a hammock under their sleeping pouch. I hear once the joeys get older and become more curious, they will try and crawl everywhere!

Now the wait is on for a determination of what Tippy is....either a WT (white tip) or a mosaic glider. His mom is a mosaic, his older brother to me looks like a standard grey....and his dad is a black beauty. So, if Tippy IS a minimally marked mo, the joeys should let me know for sure. I hope lol...No matter what the joey turns out to be, no matter if Tippy is proven out as a mo or a wt....they are all loved and are all beautiful in my eyes!

I'll update more and more once I get pictures of Lethe's belly