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 Welcome to my Site on the care of sugar gliders and to show off my darlings!

My main goal on this web site is to help educate new sugar glider owners on the care of these adorable little creatures. On this site are things I have done and things I have learned to help my suggies have a good, long and happy life with me. And most of what I have learned about their care, I learned from other suggie owners. Owners of sugar gliders are the most dedicated pet owners I've ever met! 

 So, I am proud to show off my 2 wonderful sugar gliders! 

You can email me with any questions you have on the care of sugar gliders, any tips on their care that I might have missed or just a note saying "Hey suggie lover!" LOL. I can talk about suggies all day long! Sugar gliders have been "renamed" by certain sites, calling them Sugar Bears now. It's just a ploy to get people with no sugar glider knowledge to THEIR sites. When you google, keep it "sugar gliders". And if you wish, sign my guestbook. Let me know how I did making my site. Any and all suggestions are welcome!

The sugar glider community has just learned of a "new" protein powder available from the woman who created the HPW diet. In my links and in the diet section, I have a link to that site with more information. I for one am SUPER excited about this!!!

There is a pretty hot topic going on in the glider community...on an introduction method. You can read more about it in my introduction section of this site. This "method" is plain HORRENDOUS and CRUEL.






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